Dave Rodriguez is a fashion and music photographer specializing in live music photography, band portraits, promotional shoots & events, working as authorized photographer in Spanish festivals for magazines as Ruta 66, Rolling Stone or RockdELux.

started in 2001 as a photographic project called use&abuse, whose aim was to combine artistic and music-related photography. The project has been growing throughout the years to include industrial photography, portraits, photos sessions for bands, fashion, architecture, art, sensual images and concerts-festivals layouts.

Many black and white works are to be found in dave’s output frist time, and such images have, in fact, become its stylistic hallmark. Aesthetically, it has found its influences in bands such as Nitzer Ebb, Nine Inch Nails, Recoil, Depeche Mode, Tricky, Macromassa and The Residents. Directors like David Lynch, editors like grace coddington or photographers like Anton Corbijn, helmut newton, guido argentini or guy bourdin, have been named as visual and graphic artists who have inspired its photographic works.

dave rodriguez has contributed in several photo sessions with bands like Maydrim (run by producer Antonio escobar), Munich 72 and Revox 3 (led by Juani Mr^Fly, producer-composer whose years of work with the band Lemon^Fly is only one of his numerous musical achievements). dave rodriguez worked too with bands like Hiroshima Atomic Garden, Blacanova and Electronikboy.

In 2009 dave rodríguez workd with the band falso cabaret, and he created the cover art-work for the Ep called "Adivina Divina". Falso cabaret is part of the great spanish records label, called GREEN UFOS.

Attending to HIS participation in shows and concerts as photographer. Nitzer Ebb, Dirty Princess, Goldfrapp, New York Dolls, Human League, Divine Comedy, Falso cabaret, Massive Attack, Blixa Bargled or Ladytron are some bands worth highlighting.

DAVE RODRIGUEZ is a growing PROFESSIONAL in constant development.